Top 5 Easy Workout Plan in 2019 for a Healthier Body

Starting your new year with a workout plan is good to improve your lifestyle. But usually, we already defeated before trying because of our perception that all good workout needs to be done in a gym or simply hard to do at home which is not true at all. Doing an exercise as well as listing some workout plan does not need to be expensive or hard. You can do some easy workout without having to pay any fee at all or sweats a bucket like these top 5 easy workout plan in 2019 that you can try at home below.

  1. Dumbbell workout

Dumbbell workout is an easy way to train your arm muscle and make it stronger. You can do this workout everywhere. Usually, you can do it at home but if you don’t have that much time to spend at home you can bring the dumbbell and do the exercise for 15 minutes each day.

  1. Spinning Workout

Spinning workout is one of aerobic exercise that helps you to burn your calories as well as makes your figure stay fit. 40 minutes of spinning workout could improve your body stance, and shape your muscle. It is also said that spinning workout is a good way to burn calories on your thighs and body.

  1. Jumping jack workout plan

Jumping jack or star jump is a physical jumping workout plan that performed by doing a jump with a position of your legs spreading while the hand touching the forehead. Sometimes it could be clap as well. This workout is pretty easy to be practiced at home and depends on your weight, 30 minutes jumping jack could burn 153 calories. It is a very effective way to lose weight as well as burning the fat in your belly.

  1. Sit-up workout plan

Sit up is a workout plan that focuses on abdominal endurance training. It is well known that this exercise is used to build abs or to flatten your stomach form the fats. Sit-up also can boost your flexibility, stabilizing your muscle and the motion strength of your muscle.

  1. Jogging workout plan

The easiest workout you can do is jogging. Jogging is a workout exercise that is known for its ability to burn fat and lose weight. It is also a good exercise to increase your rate of breathing so that more oxygen will be delivered to your blood and muscle. If you want to maintain your weight, doing a jogging every day could be a great choice to stay fit and healthy.

That is all about top five easy workout plan you can do in 2019 for a healthier body. Maintaining your body is not an easy fit, but if you are determined to change, nothing is impossible. Take it slowly and start it with the easiest workout plan above and if you need some fitness equipment for training, don’t forget to check our website, stand strong fitness


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