Finding Motivation to Workout in 2019

If you have ever tried working out, then feeling like you’ve lost all hope is nothing new to you. We all lose that motivation to keep going; there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, there are several people who just stop working out for one reason or the other. But the question is, why should you be one of them?  You know you should be in the gym at home working out, but you seem like you just can’t find that special spark to get you up and moving.

Losing motivation for working out is not strange and it doesn’t mean that you are weak. There are some creative ways in which you can use to get you back up on the pull-up bar and weights easily:

  1. Give Yourself Rewards

This might just be the most effective way to get yourself motivated. Little rewards go a long way. They can range from anything between a scoop of ice-cream to binge-watching a TV series. Whatever it is, it should be something that makes you feel great.

  1. Set a Penalty for Missing Workouts (No Excuses)

Punishment sometimes overpowers rewards. Setting a penalty for a missed workout session can actually work in your favor. It should be annoying enough to make it extremely difficult to miss a single workout.

  1. Turn Your Walk to Work a Workout

Do you commute to work every single day? Well, why not turn it into a workout? If your workout motivation is running low, this is a great way to get it back making working out more of a habit rather than an actual workout session.

  1. Remember the Benefits

We all have that list of things that got us into the gym in the first place. Those benefits can really improve your motivation and when accompanied by a mental image of the benefits will see you going harder than ever before.

  1. Learn New Things through Podcasts and Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks while you work out gives you a boost of motivation as you get the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. To help you get started listening to some great audiobooks here’s Two Free Audiobooks! with

Health is crucial and motivation is at the dead center of your workout routines. With that said always keep yourself motivated and never give up on all your goals. What’s holding you back today?

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